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Sylvania Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery        
Sylvania, Ohio
• 6 areas $199  • 4 areas $135  • 3 areas $99

Areas include:
Single rooms up to 250 sq. ft,
hallway, stairs, single pieces of furniture (ie chair).
Couches and larger room are may count as two
or more areas.
Sylvania Carpet Cleaning
Rapid Steamers' Sylvania carpet cleaning is a
licensed and insured carpet cleaning and
upholstery cleaning company with years of
experience in cleaning and maintaining
commercial and residential carpets, area rugs, and
upholstery. Cleaning carpet is what we do best, so
you can count on Rapid Steamers Carpet Cleaning
for all your needs. Rapid Steamers Carpet
Cleaning is an established and reputable carpet
and upholstery cleaning business that offers a
whole spectrum of solutions.

Whether home carpet or office carpet, you need
to maintain your carpet clean and sterilized, and
this requires constant and proper attention. There
are many dangers to our home or office carpet -
dirt, food or drink stains, footprints, mud and
many more...this is why you should rely on the
Rapid Steamers for your carpet cleaning needs.

We offer professional carpet cleaning, and
upholstery cleaning services for both residential
and commercial.
Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning
At Rapid Steamers Carpet Cleaning, we strive to
bring you the safest, strongest and most effective
solution for our clients. We believe in green
healthier future for our children and yours.

We use only the highest quality cleaning agents.
All are safe for your home, your family and the
environment. The cleaning process is 100%, done
by high-pressure steam. Rapid Steamers carpet
cleaning is a perfect choice for your carpet
cleaning service.

Rapid Steamers' Sylvania Carpet Cleaners have
the experience and the equipment to surpass each
customer's expectations.

We are passionate about what we do and have the
knowledge and experience to prove just what a
difference Rapid Steamers Carpet Cleaning can
make. Our carpet cleaners put the client first. We
know that your health and peace of mind are most

You should know that our company has a long
history of responsible carpet cleaning services. Our
regular customers particularly value our attention
to detail. We guarantee that we will have your
carpets looking like new again. See what
difference a Rapid Steamers Carpet Cleaning can

We invite you to Rapid Steamers carpet cleaner's
services and become one of our many satisfied
Our Truck Mount System vs Portable Machines
The water in ©Rapid Steamers Truck Mount
system is heated constantly to over 220° to
effectively break down soil, grease, and other
spots for more complete removal while carpet
cleaning and upholstery cleaning.

Water pressure is the next difference between a
portable and Rapid Steamers carpet cleaners,
Truck Mount system. In order for your carpets to
be cleaned effectively the cleaning solution must
be rinsed out completely. A carpet should be
rinsed at 300-400 PSI, which Rapid Steamers
Truck Mount is capable of achieving. The higher
PSI helps to agitate the fibers, spots, and oils, and
soil to better remove them all.

Rapid Steamers Truck Mount system has much
more power than portable machines. Rapid's
Truck Mount vacuum is powerful enough to have
most carpets completely dry in 4-6 hours or less
(It can take anywhere between 8-24 hours for the
carpet to completely dry). Better vacuum suction
also means better extraction of spots, soil, grease,
dust, and many other contaminants from the

Rapid Steamers Truck Mount system delivers
hotter water, higher water pressure and better
vacuum suction
all mean a MUCH BETTER
overall clean for the consumer.
Rapid Steamers Carpet and Rug Cleaning
Professional Carpet Rug and Upholstery Cleaning
Sylvania, Holland, Toledo, Maumee, Ottawa Hills,
Perrysburg, etc..
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